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Water Cure - The Best way to Remove Toxins E-mail
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Naturopathy - Hydro Therapy
Written by Dr. S. Cijith   
Monday, 28 May 2012 09:30

Water Cure - The Best way to Remove ToxinsWater Cure - The Best way to Remove Toxins

If I ask you, is there anything in the world which has an answer to all questions, you will not have the answer. But, is there anything in the world which has a relation to all your health problems? Yes, and it is none other than WATER. Water is the single most effective prescription for well-being, improved health, disease prevention and has potential to reverse early stages of degenerative diseases and finally the best pain reliever in the world, but if not taken in adequate quantity, it leads to disease too. Water constitutes 75% of our body weight. Water plays vital role in every process occurring in your body, right from the cellular level.

Essential for Good Health

Water is a major component of the tissues and cells of the body. Without water the human body will survive only for a few days. No other nutrient deficiency has such a profound effect on human body. Every twenty-four, the body recycles the equivalent of forty thousand glasses of water to maintain its normal physiological functions. It does it every single day of life. During water metabolism and its recycling process, body becomes short of about six to ten glasses of water each day depending on environmental conditions. This deficit has to be supplied to the body; otherwise it will lead to dehydration. In the Initial stages of dehydration, symptoms are increased thirst, dry mouth and sticky saliva and reduced urine output, with yellow discoloration. But, if dehydration persists, our body systems will collapse and lead to extreme thirst, decreased urination with dark amber or brown color, irritability or restlessness, cold extremities, weak and rapid heartbeats and pulse, rapid breathing, muscle cramps and ultimately to loss of consciousness.

The most common cause of dehydration is failing to drink enough water on a daily basis. The real problem is, people fail to identify the initial symptoms of dehydration such as increased thirst. Most to the people believe that they require less water because they are not feeling thirsty, which is a misconception. Here, the problem is not that they are not feeling thirsty, but they fail to identify the thirst due to continuous suppression of thirst since childhood. In most of the schools, children are allowed to have water only during break time, not when the body demands. So, in a long period of time, we neglect the symptoms of body's demand for water and think that we never feel thirsty.

Best medicine

De hydration may also occur due to intense physical exercise, exposure to intensive sunlight, excessive fluid loss with diarroea or vomiting and high fever. Deficiency of essential fatty acid (EFA) may also lead to dehydration. EFA's among other functions, act like glue to keep your cells tightly knit together. When you suffer from EFA deficiency, your cells are loose and allow water and other fluids to escape, especially from your skin. Thus, even people who take in sufficient quantities of water on a daily basis can become dehydrated if they have EFA deficiency.

Water in BodyWhen to drink water?

The first thing to be done in the morning after ablutions is to drink a few glasses of fresh water to correct dehydration produced during sleep. Two to three glasses of water to start with in the morning act as a most effective laxative also.

Water should be drunk before meals. The optimum time is thirty minutes before eating. This prepares the digestive tract, particularly in people with gastritis, duodenitis, heartburn, peptic ulcer, colitis, or gasproducing indigestion.

Water should be taken by people suffering from constipation along with sufficient fruits and vegetables.

Water should be taken in excess when one is suffering with high fever, indigestion, headache, back pain etc.

Caffeine Containing diet, sodas, milk bottled drinks, tea coffee, etc can never be substitute for pure water. Most of them have ill-effects on our health and in fact increase the need for water, as by-products of these drinks have to be eliminated. A cup of coffee contains about 80 milligrams of caffeine. Caffeine stimulates kidneys, which further expedite the elimination of water in excess quantity than the water in the drink.

Essential For prevention of diseases

The first nutrient human body needs is water. It soothese, energixes and rejuvenates. Water dissolves all the minerals, proteins, starch and other water-soluble components and blood carries them around the body for distribution. Gregular intake of water in adequate quantity is one of the best ways to prevent many diseases ranging from localized pain to complicated disorders. Adequate water intake prevents many localized complications such as asthma, skin rashes, allergies and chronic diseases like heartburn, dyspepsia, back pain migraine headaches, fatigue, colitis, organic diseases such as hypertension, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis muscular dystrophy, cholesterol blockage of the arteries (leading to heart attackand strokes) and diabetes may also be connected to dehydration.

Adequate water intake also prevents a disproportionate loss of certain  elements that should be adequately available in the reservoir of the body.

Best cure for diseases

Naturopathy says, "Water is a best curative agent". Water is used as a curative agent since ages. Human beings understood and learnt to use water for various therapeutic purposes by observing the nature. The rationale of using water for therapeutic purposes are desired physiological effect, ease of application, abundant availability in Nature and cost effectiveness.

The back bone of using water for cure is water drinking. Water is most commonly used in its liquid form, but it is also employed in the form of ice and steam. It is a common practice to sprinkle cold water on the face when a person is unconscious, which gives immediate results. Here water acts as a stimulant for the sensory nerves. Other common uses include steam inhalation during cold, ice application in sprains, nasal bleeding, hot fomentation during painful conditions etc.

More than the above said conditions, application of water with specific temperature, in certain form on specific body parts is used in Hydrotherapy for various diseased conditions.  Most of the effects of hydrotherapy are obtained by  methodological thermal applications on the skin.

Various modalities of Hydrotherapy treatment applications include baths, pack ,vapours, jets and douches etc. (Hip Bath, Spinal bath, Full Immersion bath, Spinal Spray, Sitz bath, and various Packs like leg pack, arm pack, full packs etc.). These can be administered under the guidance of a Naturopathy doctor for different diseases. Major effects of Hydrotherapy applications are on circulatory system, nervous system and excretory system. The quality of water to hold and transfer its temperature to the surfaces in its contact also helps in achieving the desired therapeutic effects. As a general rule, cold water applications are used as stimulants and hot water application as sedatives.

Enema - Colon irrigation

Enema with cold/ normal water is one of the basic and most effective treatments in Naturopathy. The water is introduced with the help of Enema can. Cold enema is one of the most valuable means in detoxification and also in febrile conditions.

Various kriyas using water as a medium os cleansing is described in Yoga, which are also used therapeutically. 'Vaman Dhauti' for diseases related to digestive system and 'Jala neti' for upper respiratory disorders and eye problems are extensively used in various Naturopathy & Yoga Hospitals. Washing the stomach with lukewarm water is called 'Vamana Dhauti'. 'Jala neti' is nasal irrigation, in which lukewarm salt water is poured into one nostril, using a neti pot, so that it leaves through the other.

Fasting and Water

Fasting is defined as, "Total rest; Physical, Physiological, Sensory and Mental, which includes voluntary total  abstinence form intake of any kind of feed, solid or liquid, that demands digestion, except water for a definite purpose and period of time".

This implies that water plays a an important role in fasting. During fast, we give body a chance to preserve its vitality and thereby promote healing. Body mediates this healing by throwing out the accumulated toxins. A lot of water is required by the body for such detoxification process. Hence, it is advisable to consume sufficient amount of water during fasting.

Water is best and the cheapest medicine available for common man. Wise use of this will help all to lead a healthy life, Sufficient water intake with regular exercise, a blanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables; exclusion of caffeine and alcohol; and meditation to solve and detoxxify stressful thoughts is a sure shot way to healthy and detoxify stressful thoughts is a sure shot way to healthy and happy life.

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