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Against Drug Abuse E-mail
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Written by Namrata Shukla   
Friday, 17 June 2011 18:10

Against Drug Abuse

Against Drug AbuseSubstance abuse is a type of disorder which develops a negative pattern in a person and lead s to some serious problems or distress. It is basically a dependency on a substance or a drug which develops in the beginning and becomes an addiction later. It may happen because of several reasons but emotional state of m i n d h as got a very pivotal role to play towards involvement in such kind of abuses. Virtually, if the ingestion of a substance can result in euphoric feeling, it can be abused. Thus, it may be of many kinds e.g. alcohol abuse, smoking, pure drugs abuse (like marijuana and cocaine) or even the medical drugs abuse.

Withdrawal or abstinence from such kind of substances happens to be very difficult once it is developed to a severe stage and becomes a life threat for the people. Why so? What happens to our brain when someone takes drug? Consumption of drugs slowly impairs the inhibitory functions of the brain and the physiological changes occur in the functioning of the body. It results in the trouble stopping the person from acting on impulses that the brain would delay or avert in normal conditions. And thus, it results in the consequences like aggression, uncontrolled sexual activities, criminal attitude, many other negative behavioral changes and even the suicidal tendencies.

It affects the individual, as well as, the social life of the person and leads to the health disability of the person to survive. Now, with the developments of medical science, the treatments are no more impossible but the will power of the person plays a very important role to get rid of such conditions. Numerous rehabilitation centers are working for this with expert physicians who understand the seriousness of the problem. Basically, a total life style change is introduced to the patient to overcome such kind of problems. Pharmacological managements often are unsuccessful because they develop a resistance against it. Behavioral therapies, yogic therapies, physical exercise therapy and meditation are the required approaches but always depending on the degree of addiction and the need. lt helps in reducing the perceived stress, cognition, physical dependence and the psychological addiction. These therapies are usually accompanied by psychological therapies which help the patient develop a positive approach and confidence to overcome the problem. This can be made possible at any stage if the required life style changes are incorporated practically with a positive attitude.

The motive of all such treatments is usually to bring the person back to productive functioning and a better personal and social life. Our role starts with prevention of the drug addiction or substance abuse at our own level. Awareness is the most important need in India for the prevention of such practices but there are more cases where it happens in spite of awareness about the same. Of course, a kind of modernized life style changes can be held responsible to some extent because they leave us to a very individual level of misery, but not always. In early age, the keen monitoring is the responsibility of parents to guide their children towards a clear path for a better life but later, it is completely our own responsibility to be aware of the after effects of any practice, either we are taken into or we willingly opt for.

The reasons may be very different and various for this thereat in the society but it can certainly be overcome with adoption of natural life style and efforts to introduce it to others. Our rot e is undoubtedly clear in this mission of anti-drug abuse, by various means at both, the personal and social level. We observe International Day against Drug- abuse on June 26, every year and it is another chance to make our very own contribution to the country, at least to lessen the drug abuse in the society.

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