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Antioxidants - Saviours of Health E-mail
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Written by Dr. R. K. Puri   
Thursday, 12 July 2012 11:25

Antioxidants - Saviours of Health

Antioxidents from FoodMedical service has made great triumph over germs and infections and has eradicated diseases like T.B., Cholera, Malaria, Smallpox, etc. by the use of antibiotics. But, it has made little headway so far as the modern life style diseases like Hypertension, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, etc. are concerned, because these diseases cannot be fought with antibiotics. They are the result of several factors like mental tension, lack of physical exercise, excessive greed, increased and rapid increase of fertilisers, pesticides, air and water pollutants, over-exposure of human body to radiation by X-rays, chemotherapy, use of cell phones, proliferation of mobile towers, widespread and indiscriminate use of very powerful allopathic drugs and medicines with their severe side-effects in the body, indiscriminate use of mosquito repellents, etc. These factors create grave oxidative damage to the organisms through free red cal formation in the body. Our body is being increasingly exposed to increased oxidation through use of chemicals.
The oxidative damage can be greatly reduced by many means:

  1. Begning use of excessive pesticides in crop cultivation.
  2. Banning smoking
  3. Controlling emission of various harmful chemical industrial gases and also vehicular pollution.
  4. Avoiding use of mosquito repellents, deodorants and other powerful pesticides with in our homes.

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