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रुसी दूर नहीं करते शैम्पू PDF Print E-mail
Written by Parveen Kumar   
Sunday, 12 December 2010 22:06

रुसी दूर नहीं करते शैम्पू

लोग रूसी खत्म करने के दावे वाले शैंपू से आकर्षित हो जाते हैं और धड़ल्ले से इसका प्रयोग करते हैं। परंतु डॉक्टरों का कहना है कि लोगों को इन दावों से सावधान रहने की जरूरत है क्योंकि इस समस्या का कोई स्थाई समाधान नहीं है।

चिकित्सकों के अनुसार रूसी त्वचा से संबंधित समस्या है। क्लीनराइज डरमा प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के निदेशक डॉ. एस.रंगनाथन के अनुसार रूसी का कोई इलाज नहीं है। इसकी उत्पत्ति के बारे में अभी तक कोई जानकारी नहीं है। अभी तक यह भी ज्ञात नहीं है कि यह बीमारी है या विकृति। रूसी खत्म करने का दावा करने वाले शैंपू निर्माता लोगों की भावनाओं का शोषण कर रहे हैं।

राम मनोहर लोहिया अस्पताल में त्वचा रोग विभागाध्यक्ष डॉक्टर एच.के. कार का कहना है कि यदि शैंपू से रूसी का समाधान हो सकता है तो लगातार नए-नए शैंपू क्यों आ रहे हैं, जो रूसी खत्म करने का दावा करते हैं? उन्होंने सलाह दी है कि रूसी की समस्या होने पर लोगों को त्वचा रोग विशेषज्ञ के पास जाना चाहिए, न कि 'एंटी डैंड्रफ शैंपू' का प्रयोग करना चाहिए।

विशेषज्ञों का कहना है कि रूसी एक प्रकार की मृत त्वचा है। डॉ. कार के अनुसार रूसी की समस्या जाड़े में अधिक होती है। यह समस्या उम्र, हार्मोन के असंतुलन और जलवायु परिवर्तन के कारण हो सकती है। अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान [एम्स] के एक त्वचा रोग विशेषज्ञ का कहना है कि जिन लोगों को रूसी की समस्या है, उन्हें अपना सिर प्रतिदिन धोना चाहिए। वह इस बात से इंकार करते हैं कि रूसी के कारण बाल झड़ते हैं। बालों के झड़ने का करण कुछ और होता है।

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 December 2010 13:13
Healing Disease through Natural Diet E-mail
Written by Dr. Vikas Mohan Saxena   
Sunday, 21 November 2010 14:37

Healing Disease through Natural Diet

Organic food si "living food" because it is chemical free and hence nutritious and health promoting. There has been an upsurge in the health consciousness of urbanites in all over india in the past few years. As a result of this increased consciousness , wheat grits, wheat bran biscuits, wholewheat flour, fresh wheat grass juice and packets of fresh sprouted grocery shops and retail outlets in India. This organically grown food is easy to digest and is both tasty and visually appealing.

In naturopathy stress is laid on treatment of disease through a natural and organic diet. The basic principal of naturopathy is that " The root cause of all disease is the accumulation of morbid toxic matter in the body especially the digestive system. Remove this toxic matter through diet exercise and fasting and the body will be healed of disease naturally." In my own career as a naturopath, several patients have been prescribed and been healed through a well balanced diet of organic food. I am citing a few examples below.


Anaemia and physical debility

An anaemic admitted to our centre was prescribed sprouted wheat. He consumed sprouted wheat and wheat porridge and wheat grass juice in the morning and evening. He was also given naturopathic treatments like steam bath, massage, hip bath,enema etc. After one month of treatment and an organic diet his haemoglobin shot up from 7.5 to 11. Lassitude and mental slowness were replaced with vigour and keenness. He regained his zest for life. Organically grown wheat is so powerful that its regular intake can enable a aperson to cross the century mark.



A diabitic patient was prescribed 40-60 gm. of sprouted fenugreek along with his lunch and dinner. He consumed rotis made from gramflour and bran rich wholewheat flour. Simply by following this diet for 20 days his insulin injections decreased and his blood sugar level were in control with a few simple medicines. The patient was advised to continue with this organic diet upon discharge .As a result his medication for diabeties stopped completly within a year's time and continued to lead an active life on the basis of balanced, organic diet.


Naturopathy belives that the majority of diseases are caused by a faulty diet and poor digestion. In the treatment of chronic constipation wheat bran is very helpful. Patient of constipation was prescribed roties made of bran rich wholewheat flour. One tablespoon of wheat bran was boiled in 100 ml. of water. Upon coolong , one teaspoon of honey was mixed in the decoction and it was consumed by the patient .As a result of this fibre intake the patient expelled morbid faecal matter which was clogging his intestines. He felt greatly relieved and recovered from his constipation.


A cancer patients vital life force decreases steadily and allopathic medicines create various side effects in the body. Organic food helped cure a cancer patient who was admitted to our centre ten years ago. Shri. S.S.Gupta a resident of ujjainwas suffering from liver cancer nd came to our hospital for treatment after trying out other systems of healing . Allopaths had rejected him as a basket case. Disgusted with allopathy , the patient decide to heal himself through natural method s and vowed that he would only subsist on a raw food diet, using organically grown fruits and vegetables.

He embarked upon a regimen of raw food including fruits sprouted grains and fresh wheatgrass juice. At the age of 39 he was completly cured of his liver cancer within a few months and is leading happy, healthy life today,advocating the merits of organic food and raw diet to others.


The past decade has withnessed a rapid growth in mental depression in india especially in the

urban areas. Consuption of food laden with pesticides, hotspices and the use of packaged,preserved foods has contributed to this trend. A miraculus change has been observed in the bodymind of patient who were put upon a diet of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Organic fruit contain abundant phytochemicals which strengthen the life force and enable the body to heal itself naturally. Patient of depression have been fed sprouted mung, gram, and moth as well roties made from wholewheat flour and fresh vegetables. This diet helped them become more physically active and overcome their depression.

Merits of organic papaya

The papaya sold in the market is grown with the help of chemical fertilizers and is artificially ripened with more chemicals. It tastes flat and insipid. In comparison, papaya that has been grown organically is naturally sweet and packed with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. It is boon for cleaning and rejuvenating the digestive system. Papain, the acticve ingrediants in papaya, is found in the skin of the fruit. If papaya is consumed along with its skin then hyperacidity, indigestion and flatulence are cured very quickly. Only organically grown papaya is fit to be consumed along with its skin, as the market papayas have been heavily sprayed upon with chemicals.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 December 2010 13:08
Asthma can cure in naturopathy E-mail
Disease - Asthma
Written by Dr. Vikas Saxena   
Saturday, 13 November 2010 15:39

Asthma can cure in naturopathy

Asthma is a urdu word also known as Dama. Our body has two lungs situated under the ribs,right lung is slightly bigger than the left lung .When we breath in our lungs swell and shrink when we breath out. Normally a person breath 16-18 times in a minute , whereas our lungs are capable of filling air 8 times of this. In asthma the capacity of the patient's lungs to fill oxygen is decreased . The reason for this is that the bronchus capillaries(which takes oxygen to lungs) shrink and thus the patient experiences difficulty in breathing.

Earlier the common opinion among the masses was that asthma can never be cured which has been proved wrong. its treatment is possible through Naturopathy and yoga. Asthma is result of modernisation according to a scientific study 5 % of india's population suffers from asthma.

Main Causes

The chief reason of asthma is smoking .Now a days smoking is considered to be a very low status and vice versa, smoking causes lot of damage to our lungs.

Asthma can also be heriditary. If a person's grandparents or parent suffer from asthma, then he stands a risk of this disease. At times in a person suffering from hypertension or in heart patient, the lungs are not able to work properly. This is called Cardiac Asthma because of which in case of heart attack the patient experience breathlessness.

Asthma begins with cold .If cold is checked in the begining itself then we can prevent the danger of asthma.


Difficulty in breathing out

Due to tension in the bronchus capillaries a whistling sound coming from the ribs.

Irritation in sole of the feet and constant tiredness.

Red and watery eyes.

Essential blood test

Blood test- TLC, DLC, ESR, HB, Esnophills.

Chest X ray

Sputum test, ECG

Naturopathic managment of asthma

The patient of asthma should take hot fomentation on the chest, back and abdoman with the help of hot waterbag. He should also take enema of lukewarm water, massage on chest and back with oil made by boiling garlic cloves in musterd oil. Daily hot foot bath for 15 minute. steam bath, saunabath, friction bath sun bath also useful in this disease.


Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Bhastrika surbhedi and bhramri pranayam is good for this disease.

What to eat

Bottle gourd, Carrot , Cabbage, Bitter gourd garlic, fenugreek, drumstick, tinda, torai etc.

What not to eat

Potato, banana, pineapple, maize, curd, icecream, junk food, colddrinks etc.


Last Updated on Thursday, 30 December 2010 13:21
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