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Authors/Writers can Send Request with complete detail (Resume & 3 Unique Articles) to Admin for upgrading you account.

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Now you can earn points while visiting


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Let's know how –


For Visitors

    • You will get 5 points when you registered with our website.

    • You will get 10 points when you invite a person to join and he will registered successfully.

    • You will get 10 points free on your Birthday. * You must be login on that day.

    • You will get 1 point when you visit our website in a day with login your account.

    • You will get 1 Point if you invite a

    • *** You will lose 10 points if you did not login with in 10 days duration

For Authors/Writers

    • Author will get all above said visitor points.

    • Every Author will get 10 Points on submitting article if his/her article got approval and published on the site.

    • Every Author will get 1 points when any visitor visit his/her article in a day.


Ranks & Medals

Honour Member


Honour Medal & Member 1000 Points



Bronze Member


Bronze Member 3000 Points



Silver Member


Silver Member 5000 Points



Gold Memebr


Gold Member 10000 Points



Diamond Member


Diamond Member 100000 Points


You can redeem your points as per our policies

  • 10 Points equal to Rs. 1 (Indian Rupees)
  • Minimum Payout for 1000 Rs.

Earn Points with The Naturopathy


Register at The

Terms and Conditions :-

  1. Registration must required for participation in programme.
  2. Visitor must login to get points.
  3. One User can have one account only.
  4. Visitor will recieve the payment on points at every 10000 points . Next payment will be on next 10000 points.
  5. Visitor should not register with two different email ids with different names
  6. Visitor should not provide fake information.
  7. has the right to terminate an account if it found violation of terms & conditions and stop the payment.
  8. can provide cash or gift equivalent to the points, depends on the availablity and circumstances..
  9. is not liable to make payment against all points
  10. has right to terminate or suspend the scheme at any time without prior notice
  11. This programme is available for visitors from India at now. Foreign visitors & authors will get rewards if in future we will find the way to payment.
  12. Decision of company will be final in all matters.

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