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Psychosomatic Cure with the Help of Yoga E-mail
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Written by Dr. Pardeep M.K.   
Sunday, 27 April 2014 18:52

Psychosomatic Cure with the help of yoga & naturopathyPsychosomatic Cure with the Help of Yoga

The current age of progress and science may also be called as the age of tension, age of anxiety and depression etc. We are obsessed with our bodies, generally with the materialistic aspects of life. The epidemic tension, anxiety, depression, fear in the mind have a negative effect on our physical health. The body-mind connection is a powerful and universal force that exists in our life and often, we are unaware of it. It is the main driver of our health, whether we realize it or not.

Fast foods, counter pills, psychotropic medications, hallucinogenic drugs will not cure our emotional ailments permanently. This is the time for us to make more practical use of our moral and spiritual insights and to pursue "What is good for our health? Or how can we get rid of our mental woes?”

The common causes of any psychosomatic disease include lack of support in the family, hormonal changes in the late decades of life, over exhaustion, memory loss, lack of self respect, poor mental status.

People having psychosomatic illness complain of some problems without a natural reason. These are Ulcers, Headaches, Body aches, frequent maturation and defecation, Insomnia, Excessive perspiration, Vomiting, Loss of appetite, Fatigue, Inability to perform any work efficiently and autoimmune disorders.

The diseases which affect the mankind today have a strong psychological base. We can see persons now a day’s suffering from lots of physical problems like body aches, tremors, ulcers, digestive problems but doesn’t have an organic cause or pathology behind it. These all are due to the altered mental status which further develops as physical troubles.

When the mental factors such as anxiety or stress builds up inside a person, it affects his physiological status leading to psychosomatic illness which includes gastrointestinal disturbances, respiratory ailments, cardiovascular problems, genitourinary disorders, endocrine disorders, migraine, integument  problems as well as sexual dysfunction.

Intake of psychotropic drugs does not help them in a permanent way until the mental agony is relieved. 

Yoga is a divine art of healing which unites the psyche with the physique.

It helps in building a harmony to maintain the mental and physical homeostasis, when practiced under an expert guidance. It provides a permanent relief to the psychosomatics, when practiced regularly.


Yogic postures are scientifically designed to relieve stress and bring about physical as well as mental and emotional balance. The emotional imbalances can be tackled through yogic postures which require concentration. It tones and strengthens the muscles, relieves the burden over internal organs. It calms down the body, regulates the stress hormones adrenaline and nor-adrenaline. It plays a vital role in the regulation of serotonin and endorphin levels which provides good relaxation to the psychosomatic individuals.

The postures like Tadasan, Ardhachakrasan, Vrikshasan, Sukasan, Vajrasan, Sashankasan, Vakrasan, Vipareera karni, Bhujangasan are found beneficial.
Relaxation Techniques

  • Quick relaxation technique
  • Deep relaxation technique


Pranayamas and other breathing exercises play a vital role in providing relaxation. Breath is also a tool for increasing inner awareness. Just learning to take deep breaths and releasing in a quick way to combat stressful and challenging situations, is amazingly effective.

All these help in taming the “MONKEY MIND”. Just focusing on inhalation and exhalation produces a dramatic effect on the body and provides relaxation.

The pranayamas like Chandranadi, Nadishuddi, Sheerkari, Sheerali, Bhramari are effective in psychosomatic illness.

Breathing Exercises

  • Hand stretch breathing
  • Tiger stretch breathing 
  • Cat stretch breathing

Other Techniques

These include group counselling and group therapies including games and personality improvement programmes. It also helps developing the social behaviour and to cope with the stressors of the society.


Yoga is the science which ceases the modifications of mind disturbing the physical body and helps to maintain the mental and physical rhythm. Therefore, yoga can be employed as a best tool for treating psychosomatic illness permanently in a qualitative way.  

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