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Yoga & Naturopathy for Autism E-mail
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Written by Dr. Yuvraj Paul   
Monday, 06 February 2012 13:57

autism awarenessYoga & Naturopathy for Autism

Autism is a condition born out of man's disharmony with nature. Disharmony of the mind leads to stress, tension, anger and a host of negative emotions. This disharmony of a person also leads to physical diseases. Since, Autism is a condition caused by chemical toxicity, solutions must logically be found in medical systems which are interwined with Nature.

Autism is a term used for a number of developmental disabilities called autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Autism spectrum disorders vary in severity and impact, from individual to individual and emerge in the first 3 years of a child's life. It can affect the child's ability to communicate, understand languages and social relationships.

Autistic child acts in unusual ways, they might flap their hands, have impairment of communication such as mute, repeat certain words over and over, have temper tantrums, problems with sleeping, feeding and irrational fear, colour phobia, objects and noise, etc. The main fature is that they like to stick on to a particular schedule and any changes will lead to irritation.

Causes of Autismcauses of autism

The brain contains nerve cells called neurons; each neuron may have hundreds or thousands of connections that carry messages to other nerve cells in the brain and body. The connections and the chemical messages they send (called neuro transmitters) let the neurons help to see, feel, move, remember and work together as they should do.

For some reason, some of the cells and connections in the brain of a child with autism, especially those that affect communication, emotions, and senses, don't develop properly or get damaged. Digestion problems like, constipation, pain in abdomen and at times ulcers may also occur, which the child cannot express himself.

There is no cure for autism, but doctors, special teachers can help kids with autism to overcome or adjust with difficulties like improving digestion, the speech, reduce the temper, improve communications skills, etc.

Few Students with mild autism can go to regular school. They also need teachers trained to understand the problems they have with communicating and learning.

Natural Therapies


For these problems, to recover and manage, main changes are to be made in diet, The diet plays main role for the imrovement of children with autism. Most children with autism face a number of digestive and allergic problems. Medical researchers confirm that relationship exists between digestion, allergy, motility and behavior. The following problems can lead to distubances in autistic children:

  • Low stomach hydrochloric acid levels
  • Lack of digestive enzymes.
  • Low pancreatic function and other decreased production of bicarbonates and other secretions.
  • Chronic candidiasis.
  • Increased intestinal premeability or leaky gut syndrome.

    Natural Therapies for Autism Treatment

To prevent the above problems the following diet should be followed regularly:

Drinking warm water (roughly 200 to 400 ml) early in the morning on empty stomach, cleans entire digestive system. This helps to solve the problem of constipation. Tulsi has anti-gene toxic effect. Ghee penetrates deep into tissues and imparts confidence and ability to the body. Most tof the food advocated by India System of Medicine is liquid or semi solid (like porridge, soups and juices). Particulary for neurological disease, intake of underground rhizomes, sour foods like tamarind and deep fried junk food are to be discouraged.

Food to be avoided

  • All dairy proudcts including milk and cheese.
  • Wheat products like bread and pastas.
  • Corn products other than fresh corns.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Coffee, tea, alcohol.
  • Non-Vegetarian food.
  • Sugar, Nutrasweet and all sweeteners except honey and jaggery.
  • Fried food and processed food.


Yoga is a powerful tool towards the well being of body and mind. However, children with autism cannot learn like others. Therefore, customized yoga is required to meet the specific needs of children with autism. Each child needs to be taken care of in a different way. The entire program has to be structured on one to one basis. Initially the child will be passive. But a routine, structured programming will help the child perform exercises on his own, very shortly by Yogic practices, different groups of muscle fibers contract alternately; a steady tension is maintained in the whole muscle without fatigue. With the improvement in muscular tone the gait and postures of the children with autism have shown incredible improvements. Asans help to massage muscules and organs so as to enhance blood flow and stimulate blocked nervous connections. Yoga is especially valuable in digestive disorders of all kinds. Children with autism who perform Yoga, regulary are less prone to constipation, indigestion, flatulence and diarrhoea. It is found that the children have better lung capacity and less respiratory infections when they follow routine Yoga excercises. However since children with autism cannot follow instructions and act on them, they are taught Yoga exercises where the breathing is automatically regulated in the exercise. Pranayama helps regulate the metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Play TherapyAutism Treatment

Sensory motor play teaches young infants about their own body specialities in the immediate environment. Explorative play teaches the older children about objects and their properties in the world around them. Physical play, including rough and tumble play, teaches toddlers and pre-schoolers, gross motor skills. It provides both interactions with other children, as well as, objects in their enviornment. Social play makes children aware about social relationships and cultural norms of the society in which the child is born. sports activities like jogging, cycling, adminton, skating, throw ball basketball and football help the child not only to engage himself constructively but also helps the child become calm and co-operative.


Massage provides relations, stress reduction and calms muscle spasm. It also helps the child to become more accustomed to tactile stimulation and aids in body awareness, fellings of warmth and decrease in stress. The relaxing benefits of massage and touch therapy contribute to more restful sleep., including less sleep disruption and longer sleep duration. Studies show that these children show less autistic behavior and become more social and attentive after receiving massage therapy. This safe, nurturing touch and regulary sensory integration is beneficial in reducing inattentiveness, touch aversion and withdrawal.

Steam Bath

Steam bath is designed to induce sweating, which occurs through the skin, through hair follicles. As result, the body,s fiery content increases, stimulating agni (fire), which facilitates the rounding up of 'ama' from the system. The child looks and feels healthier Appetite and taste are enhanced. After the therapy, the children are less tense and more aware themselves. We also find imrpvements in children with tactile problems.

Music Therapy

Yoga & Naturopathy Treatment for Autism

The playing or listening to music can bring relaxation and emotional refreshment. But it is something else to employ music to achieve specific health promoting goals. Music has traquilizing effect on the children with autism. Chanting 'OM' during Yoga session has calming effect on the children and even helps imitation. "OM" chant also regulates the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The vibrations have a purifying effect on the cortical and sub-cortical levels. It is found that the children are far more receptive and co-operative, when mild classical music is played during the massage.

Nisrgopchar -March 2011

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