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Asthma can cure in naturopathy E-mail
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Disease - Asthma
Written by Dr. Vikas Saxena   
Saturday, 13 November 2010 15:39

Asthma can cure in naturopathy

Asthma is a urdu word also known as Dama. Our body has two lungs situated under the ribs,right lung is slightly bigger than the left lung .When we breath in our lungs swell and shrink when we breath out. Normally a person breath 16-18 times in a minute , whereas our lungs are capable of filling air 8 times of this. In asthma the capacity of the patient's lungs to fill oxygen is decreased . The reason for this is that the bronchus capillaries(which takes oxygen to lungs) shrink and thus the patient experiences difficulty in breathing.

Earlier the common opinion among the masses was that asthma can never be cured which has been proved wrong. its treatment is possible through Naturopathy and yoga. Asthma is result of modernisation according to a scientific study 5 % of india's population suffers from asthma.

Main Causes

The chief reason of asthma is smoking .Now a days smoking is considered to be a very low status and vice versa, smoking causes lot of damage to our lungs.

Asthma can also be heriditary. If a person's grandparents or parent suffer from asthma, then he stands a risk of this disease. At times in a person suffering from hypertension or in heart patient, the lungs are not able to work properly. This is called Cardiac Asthma because of which in case of heart attack the patient experience breathlessness.

Asthma begins with cold .If cold is checked in the begining itself then we can prevent the danger of asthma.


Difficulty in breathing out

Due to tension in the bronchus capillaries a whistling sound coming from the ribs.

Irritation in sole of the feet and constant tiredness.

Red and watery eyes.

Essential blood test

Blood test- TLC, DLC, ESR, HB, Esnophills.

Chest X ray

Sputum test, ECG

Naturopathic managment of asthma

The patient of asthma should take hot fomentation on the chest, back and abdoman with the help of hot waterbag. He should also take enema of lukewarm water, massage on chest and back with oil made by boiling garlic cloves in musterd oil. Daily hot foot bath for 15 minute. steam bath, saunabath, friction bath sun bath also useful in this disease.


Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Bhastrika surbhedi and bhramri pranayam is good for this disease.

What to eat

Bottle gourd, Carrot , Cabbage, Bitter gourd garlic, fenugreek, drumstick, tinda, torai etc.

What not to eat

Potato, banana, pineapple, maize, curd, icecream, junk food, colddrinks etc.


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