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Diabetes Treatment in Naturopathy E-mail
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Written by Dr. S. Sheeba Rani   
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 21:27

Naturopathy in Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment in Naturopathy

Diabetes is believed to be an incurable and life long disease. According to Yoga and Naturopathy it is a usual metabolic disorder chiefly related to digestive system & functions of liver, though it is commonly believed as a disorder of the pancreas. The beta cells in the islets of langerhans of the pancreas are the direct area of production of insulin that controls glucose metabolism. Either due to damage of these cells, quality of insulin produced may go poor or the quantity of insulin produced may go lesser that leads to excess glucose level in the blood. Whatever may be the cause of or course of the disease it generally brought to control only by a healthy life style. Medicines will not help unless the patient follows a healthy way of living and the most of the time strict observance of a healthy life style helps to avoid medication.


The goal of treatment in diabetes is to reduce high level of glucose in the blood stream. The aim of the treatment is to remove the cause of the disease and building the well being of the patient.

Fasting & Diet Therapy:

Fasting in diabetes is commonly believed as contraindicated whereas fasting therapy is the best cleansing treatment used in Naturopathy. Intermittent fasting is advised for the diabetic patients under the supervision of an expert nature cure physician. The patient has to be prepared physically and mentally ready to undergo fasting. Initially it is not prescribed, but after preparation of 1-2 weeks it can be tried. Fasting on water and limited supply of coconut water can be tried in th treatment of diabetes.

An alkaline diet rich in complex carbohydrate & fiber and low fat is recommended because they tend to slow absorption, helping to avoid a rapid rise in blood glucose.

A well balanced diet including Fruits (avoid banana, custard apple, black grapes, dates, pineapple, mangoes), Vegetables (take the following vegetables in limited quantity-potatoes, beet root, sweet potatoes, yam, tapioca, broad beans, double beans, cluster beans), sprouts, whole grains, legumes should be embarked upon following the fasting therapy.

Include raw foods exclusively as it is rich in essential enzymes, which increases the metabolism and are the good source of vitamins and minerals which are essential for diabetics.

The use of Fenugreek seeds in daily meals is especially beneficial. Even sprouted Fenugreek or one teaspoon of Fenugreek powder may be taken very day.

Include green leafy vegetables, soya ground nut, tomatoes, and sprouted Bengal gram to your diet.

The juices of Jamun, Bitter gourd, Cucumber and bottle gourd are also helpful.

Note :-

Avoid cooked starchy food, as it gets quickly absorbed in the system and raises the sugar level in the body, whereas raw starchy food doesn't get absorbed quickly in the system. Non vegetarian foods, fired, oily, white flour foods, alcohol & smoking are to be completely avoided.

Hydrotherapy :

Hydrotherapy plays a vital role in improving the metabolic rate and controlling the blood sugar level. A warm water enema cleanses the accumulated toxins from the colon, thereby detoxifies the system. Other treatments include Hip bath, immersion bath, Foot and Arm bath, steam bath, Gastro hepatic pack, hot and cold compress over abdomen, abdomen pack etc. These treatments enhance the capability of the muscles to utilize the blood sugar and increase blood flow to the muscles and provide better sleep.

Mud Therapy :

Mud therapy helps to correct the imbalance of the digestive and endocrinal organs, which remain under -active in diabetic patients resulting in accumulation of toxins. Full Mud bath is the best way to eliminating the toxins. Direct mud or mud pack on the abdomen are also found beneficial in this treatment. It increases the circulation, relieves inner congestion and elimination of morbid matter.

Massage Therapy :

Massage otherwise called a passive exercise is highly beneficial for improving the activities of circulatory, musculature, lymphatic & nervous system. It reduce the muscle tension and reduces the stress. Pancreatic massage proves to be beneficial in this condition.

Yoga Therapy:

Along with well balanced diet and nature cure treatment, Yoga should be done for good control of blood sugar level. Asanas, specifically useful to improve functions of the liver, digestive system and pancreas are beneficial in treating diabetes. Merudantasna (utthitapadasana), Vipareeta karani Mudra, Halasana, Vakrasana, Surya Namaskar, Kati Chakrasana, Udhva Hstottansana, Pada hastasana, Trikonasana, Pavanamuktasana, Chakrasana, Sarvangasna, Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, Vajrasana, Ardha Matsyndrasana, Ushtrasana, Paschimottanasana, Mandukasna, Mayurasana, Matsyasana, Shavasana & sukhshma Vyayamas in case of obesity patients are beneficial.


Neti, Vaman or Vastra dhauti, Kapalbhanti, Nauli and Agnisara are also highly beneficial.


Anulom-Vilom, Ujjayi, Bharamari (minimum 10 rounds of each), Bhastrika and Suryabhedana Pranayama give much benefit.

As tension is always associated with theses patients, practice of relaxation techniques and Meditation (10 to 20 minutes) will be of great use.

Walking & Exercise :

A study done by New Castle University has shown that a 45 minutes daily walk can help to control sugar and helps your cells accept insulin more efficiently. Regular exercise is important as part of a healthy life style. It greatly increases the expenditure of blood glucose as it is used while activity.

Sun Bath :

For better metabolic activity, sun bath for 20-40 minutes in the morning daily. Similarly, it should be done to the abdomen just below the left rib cage, the North Pole in the front and the South Pole opposite at the back for 15 minutes in the evening. In addition to that magnetized water should be taken four times daily.

Chromo Therapy:

Diabetes is treated by using yellow and green colours. Yellow colour stimulates the pancreas and green colour stimulates the thyroid gland which helps in elimination of toxins. Stress increases the body's production of adrenalin, which raises the blood sugar level. Reducing stress through Naturopathic treatments and Yoga will help to restore regular, healthy sleeping pattern which will help to keep the blood sugar level in control.

Nisragopchar – January 2010                                                                Dr. S. Sheeba Rani

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