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How to treat Infertility in Naturopathy (Nature Cure) E-mail
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Disease - Pregnency
Written by Dr. Sheira Sundarrajan   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 09:34

Nature Cure for Infertility

How to treat infertility in Naturopathy (Nature Cure)Infertility refers to the failure to conceive even after the couple stay together for more than a year and try to conceive. Women, who can get pregnant, but unable to sustain it is also termed as infertility.

Primary and Secondary infertility

Couples with Primary infertility have never been able to conceive, while Secondary infertility is difficulty in conceiving after already having conceived at least once (with a full term pregnancy or a miscarriage).


Fertility problems affect one in twenty couples in India. In one third of all cases, only male needs treatment, in one third both male and female need treatment and in the remaining third only female needs treatment.

Cause of Infertility

In Females

PCOS, Endometriosis, Uterine fibroid, Thyroid problems, autoimmune infections, Blocked fallopian tubes, Pelvic t Adhesions, Premature ovarian failure, High FSH, Abnormal cervical mucosa etc

In Males

Varicocoele, Diseases like Cystic Fibrosis. Mumps, Abnormal sperm counts, Abnormal sperm shapes, use of drugs, Chemotherapy, Radiation treatments, Cigarette smoking, Occupation al hazards etc.

Naturopathic approach


It is the major treatment and is done through the cleansing techniques. They also help to reduce weight and improve the vitality of the body.


Cold Hip Bath, Cold Seitz bath, Cold Pelvic pack, Cold douche, Alternate compress to the abdomen etc.


Mud packs to the lower abdomen and full mud bath.


In all cases of inflammation and extra growths, South Pole is preferred; Where as North Pole is suited for Amenorrhea. If infertility is due to thyroid problems, thyroid should be treated along with.


Orange colour is found to reduce or shrink the size of cysts, fibroid etc.


It improves circulation, especially Acupressure massage is beneficial in case of abnormal hormone Levels, PCOD, Fibroids etc.


Once in a month helps to improve the circulation and also relaxes the body.


There are specific yoga postures for the reproductive system, which include Padahastasana, Hanumanasana, Setubandhasana ,Vipareeta karni, Mudra , Sarvangasana, Konasana, Shalabhasana, Anantasana and vyaghrasana. Relaxation methods  and Pranayama help to calm the body and the mind.


Nutrition plays a key role in achieving pregnancy. Eating unprocessed, natural, whole, organic food might assist a couple to overcome infertility. Nuts, seeds and fresh natural products are rich in nutrients, while packaged, processed foods contain a few. Protein helps the body to produce hormones, transport oxygen and nutrients, repair cells, fight infections and grow new tissue. Unsaturated fats, especially omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids are important nutrients as well. Drink plenty of water to keep fluid stores in the body at optimal levels so that, ovaries and testes receive enough fluid. Nutritional supplements might also assist with overcoming infertility. Some people need extra zinc for optimal sperm health in men and to assist with hormone and egg production in women. Even though sources of zinc are mainly from animal origin (from protein foods), Good vegetarian sources are Milk and Cheese, Peanuts, Beans, Whole grain cereals, Potato, Pumpkin seeds etc. Researchers demonstrate that, adding extra Folic acid, Vitamins E, B6, and B 12, iron, Magnesium and Selenium increase fertility. Vitamin E has shown to help hormone production. Wheat germ and Pumpkin seeds are good sources of vitamin E. B vitamins helps maintaining healthy nervous systems and muscles. Vitamin B6 is also known to help progesterone production. Selenium helps to minimize free radical damage and works together with vitamin E to combat infertility. Its natural sources being Nuts, Cereals, Oats, Soya beans, Sea foods etc. Complex carbohydrates, Whole wheat, Cereals, Millet, Barley, Brown rice etc. are favoured.  Plant based proteins are said to augment fertility contrary to animal based proteins, even though it is not proved that the couple should be vegetarian to get pregnant, it is proved that restricting the intake of meat is better. Include Mono and Poly unsaturated fats, Omega -3 fatty acids which are available in Nuts, Avocado, Edible seeds, Canola oil, Olive oil, Sun flower seeds, Soya beans, Flax seeds, Walnut etc. in your diet. Apple increases the blood circulation and aids in muscle relaxation, especially of the uterine muscles. Cucumber seeds are considered to aid in conception. Avocado due to its high levels of Vitamin E, boosts fertility and also improves sperm motility. Garlic, effective in the treatment of Endometriosis, is a potent anti inflammatory agent and stimulates the reproductory organs in both the sexes. A mixture of Cinnamon and Cardamom (1 tsp) is found to enhance the sexual energy and is also good in case of PCOD. By improving the health of the vital organs the body can revitalize the reproductive organs. Patients who are using conventional fertility treatments are encouraged to combine with Naturopathic treatments for better results.

Nature Cure for Infertility


  • Calming the overactive immune system.
  • Reducing the inflammatory processes associated with certain conditions.
  • Addressing the mental and emotional components present.
  • Bringing about hormonal balancing.
  • Reducing stress, as stress is proved to affect the hormonal balance and also hamper proper implantation of the egg.

Source – Nisargopchar Varta – Jan 2012

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