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After Cancer Treatment E-mail
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Disease - Cancer
Written by Dr. Babu Joseph   
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 14:24


CancerAll know about the cruel face of cancel. But, Nature always gives one chance to escape. If proper care and right treatment is taken in time, most of the cases can be set right. Fasting as required, being on raw diet for a fairly long period (months), raw juice therapy continued even after the active treatment period, sun bath and various other treatment methods as per need will definitely give good result. Guidance of Naturopathy physician is also very important in managing cancer treatment.


Normally what happens, the disease is detected at a very later stage. This is due to ignorance about the early symptoms and sudden onset of the diseases. Due to shyness and cultural constraints, patients, especially women do not approach the physician in time. Then in the last stage, different modalities of treatments are tried with little or no use. Limitation of the modalities is also a problem here. It may be limited to symptomatic or temporary relief. Many times, it is followed by relapse. Side effects of the treatments are also harsh. But, those who fail to approach a Naturopathy physician at the initial stage may make use of another golden opportunity to start Naturopathy treatment on getting symptomatic or temporary relief. The period of this relief can be a good time to start Naturopathy. This helps to stop the relapse and that will be a great achievement.

Forget about the credit of treatment benefit. Let it be with the physician 1 or 2. I never claimed that my father is cured of his large intestinal cancer because of Naturopathy. He has undergone an emergency operation on the very next day of diagnosis, which has saved his life. I respect the surgeon and the physician who looked after him. But, two weeks after the surgery he was permitted to undergo Naturopathy treatments by the physician. Today after over 25 years, he is alive attaining the age of 94.

He was not given chemotherapy or radiation. He was fasting for more than a week, raw diet for few months, Raw Juice Therapy for years and he enjoys the possible health at the age of 94. He has changed himself to be vegetarian. Stopped coffee, tea, smoking, chewing and odd eating habits. For dinner, he takes fruits and a glass of milk, nothing cooked for all these years. For lunch and breakfast, the vegetarian dishes prepared at home.

I have no hesitation to pay all the credit to surgeon, but nature has done its duty,'Taking care of one, who has taken care for himself.'

People at any stage of cancer, any stage of treatment and after any level of treatment of cancer may adopt 'The Life Natural'. If they are in a position to undergo 'Naturopathy', they can be benefited by a full course of Naturopathy treatment. Let the patient be saved. Systems can compete for no one's benefit. Life after cancer need not be disastrous or disappointing. 'Return to Nature, Nature will protect you'.


Nisargopachar Varta – January 2010                                      Dr. Babu Joseph.

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