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Psychosomatic Cure with the Help of Yoga E-mail
Written by Dr. Pardeep M.K.   
Sunday, 27 April 2014 18:52

Psychosomatic Cure with the help of yoga & naturopathyPsychosomatic Cure with the Help of Yoga

The current age of progress and science may also be called as the age of tension, age of anxiety and depression etc. We are obsessed with our bodies, generally with the materialistic aspects of life. The epidemic tension, anxiety, depression, fear in the mind have a negative effect on our physical health. The body-mind connection is a powerful and universal force that exists in our life and often, we are unaware of it. It is the main driver of our health, whether we realize it or not.

Fast foods, counter pills, psychotropic medications, hallucinogenic drugs will not cure our emotional ailments permanently. This is the time for us to make more practical use of our moral and spiritual insights and to pursue "What is good for our health? Or how can we get rid of our mental woes?”

The common causes of any psychosomatic disease include lack of support in the family, hormonal changes in the late decades of life, over exhaustion, memory loss, lack of self respect, poor mental status.

People having psychosomatic illness complain of some problems without a natural reason. These are Ulcers, Headaches, Body aches, frequent maturation and defecation, Insomnia, Excessive perspiration, Vomiting, Loss of appetite, Fatigue, Inability to perform any work efficiently and autoimmune disorders.

The diseases which affect the mankind today have a strong psychological base. We can see persons now a day’s suffering from lots of physical problems like body aches, tremors, ulcers, digestive problems but doesn’t have an organic cause or pathology behind it. These all are due to the altered mental status which further develops as physical troubles.

When the mental factors such as anxiety or stress builds up inside a person, it affects his physiological status leading to psychosomatic illness which includes gastrointestinal disturbances, respiratory ailments, cardiovascular problems, genitourinary disorders, endocrine disorders, migraine, integument  problems as well as sexual dysfunction.

How to treat Infertility in Naturopathy (Nature Cure) E-mail
Written by Dr. Sheira Sundarrajan   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 09:34

Nature Cure for Infertility

How to treat infertility in Naturopathy (Nature Cure)Infertility refers to the failure to conceive even after the couple stay together for more than a year and try to conceive. Women, who can get pregnant, but unable to sustain it is also termed as infertility.

Primary and Secondary infertility

Couples with Primary infertility have never been able to conceive, while Secondary infertility is difficulty in conceiving after already having conceived at least once (with a full term pregnancy or a miscarriage).


Fertility problems affect one in twenty couples in India. In one third of all cases, only male needs treatment, in one third both male and female need treatment and in the remaining third only female needs treatment.

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 April 2014 10:15
Diabetes & Dietary Discipline E-mail
Written by Dr. Satish Bajaj   

Diabetes & Dietary Discipline

Going into the details of statistics of Diabetes will be the wastage of time for the reader as well as for the writer. The rise is so high that even the people not related to medical profession know the name of the disease as ‘SUGAR’. So, it becomes the duty of the medical professionals to guide the public to manage it at all levels, personal & mass.

Let us understand the phenomenon of the disease first, for a better management. Sugar (glucose, carbohydrates, starch etc.) is the very basic thing that is required by the body as instant source of energy. Each & every function being performed by the body requires this energy-providing group (COOH). The muscles of heart, lungs, intestines or external visible physical movements, all need energy. A definite level of Insulin hormone in the blood makes the cells to absorb this glucose &this energy in the cells performs all the functions of different organs of the body. This COOH group is like fuel which burns to produce heat (energy) in the body & its carbon molecule (C) is excreted out by lungs in the form of Carbon dioxide (CO2) which is simple to understand.

Diabetes & Dietary Discipline

The problem arises at two levels, i.e., either Beta cells of Pancreas, which secrete Insulin, start becoming inefficient & produce less insulin and/ or cells become resistant to Insulin.

Spinal Streaching Execercise E-mail
Written by Dr. S.M. Acharya   

Yoga for Spine

Three Minute Relaxation Technique

Frequent attacks of common backaches are the single biggest cause of absenteeism from productive work all over the world. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 persons in the world, more so, sedentary workers and executives at all levels suffer from those nagging backaches resulting in loss of millions of man hours and billions of dollars worth of production worldwide annually.Yoga for Spine

With the onset of computerisation, internet, etc, more and more persons are spending long hours sitting in front of their machines and screens, straining theirs back against the rule of nature, causing damage to their spinal columns creating nervous troubles, aches and pains of varied nature.
If timely precautions and curative measures are not taken, the occasional troubles slowly complicate into lumbago, cervical spondylosis, sciatica, slip-disc, etc, and the person may require highly invasive spinal surgery. Such troubles, if neglected, may turn into irreparable degeneration of the ligaments and even cancer of the spine.

Prevention is better than cure and cheaper too. All animals and birds follow their natural way of eating, drinking, sleeping, walking and even indulging in sex. Man is the only animal, a two-legged one, of course, who goes on breaking all rules of nature and natural behaviour. If men could follow nature and all natural rules, he could certainly avoid various problems, including backaches.

Looking at the animals and birds instinctive movements of limbs and habits of eating natural food best suited to them. I suggest a simple yogic exercise that stretches the spine helps it to attain its natural curvature. It has worked wonders and helped cure one fully within a couple of weeks of practice. Briefly, the technique is a three or four minute toning up regimen.

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